Wim Heemskerk

Agilist, Craftsman, Wave Maker

Beyond Agile

I believe in us, humans, and the great things we can accomplish. Therefore I help organisations multiply the value they create by embracing the full power of the people in and around them. I do this through facilitation, coaching, training, and mentoring.

I help management & development teams to be agile in their practices. As a hands-on change agent, I work to create lasting change, the kind people say they created and wanted themselves. I connect the dots to translate models and principles to day to day actions. I’m around to inspire and to encourage learning. I lead by example. I run and develop workshops and training. I love to pair up with others to crack tough nuts together. I hold a degree in management and have a background as a test-infected developer. You’ll find me honest and transparent, at times brutally so, and you’ll find me passionate and always ready to try a fresh angle.