ScanAgile Online Series 2020

ScanAgile will continue as ScanAgile online Series 2020

In times of uncertainty we need an agile mindset more than ever. This conference offers support for people and companies in extraordinary times by offering content how to adapt. Goal is to give tools to survive and to empower people. Everyone is a change agent!

Program is based on the original ScanAgile 2020.


ScanAgile squirrel

12:30 - 18:00

12th of October 2020

Online Series Event #6

Nina Laaksonen

Nina Laaksonen

Agile Transformation at Scale – Learnings and Takeaways

Matti Kiviluoto

Matti Kiviluoto

Build you own Diversity and Inclusion Agent Game-Plan

Jussi Hölttä

Jussi Hölttä

Working without stress and fear

Suvi Ihaksi

Suvi Ihaksi and Emmi Sallinen

Focus on essential - Agile at Finnair

Emmi Sallinen

Everyone is a Change Agent!

Agile Finland r.y.