FAQ 2023

What is ScanAgile?

ScanAgile is the largest Agile event in the Nordics since 2008.

When is the ScanAgile23 Conference happening?

ScanAgile23 conference takes place on March 28 and 29, 2023.

Where is ScanAgile23 being held?

ScanAgile is held at Helsinki Congress Paasitorni (Paasivuorenkatu 5 A, Helsinki). The most convenient way to arrive is by public transportation. After arriving at the nearest tram stop, Hakaniemi, it’s a short walk of 280 meters.

Paasitorni is easily accessible from Helsinki Railway Station by trams 3, 6, 7, and 9 or by metro and buses 66 and 71. Reittiopas offers the most reliable connections. Please allow plenty of time to park if you arrive by car. Paasitorni has a toll-paying parking area near Hakaniemi Bay.

If you need more information, please email us at

What time should I arrive at ScanAgile23?

At 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, March 28, 2023, and Wednesday, March 29, 2023. The event will begin with registration at the info desk at 8:00 am. Breakfast is included with your ticket on both conference days beginning at 8:00 am and ending at 9:00 am. During breakfast, you can meet other ScanAgile23 attendees.

Where can I get my conference pass?

You’ll receive your conference pass at the registration/info desk, sorted by your name. Registration opens on Tuesday at 8:00 a.m. If you plan to arrive before 8:45-9:00, you may have to wait a bit while since it will be quite crowded.

Does my ticket include food and drinks?

You will not be hungry or suffer from a lack of caffeine! There will be a non-stop supply of coffee, tea, and flavoured water. You will have ample time to share ideas, mingle & connect with other Agilists, meet our sponsors and change rooms.

  • Breakfast on both conference days is served from 8:00 am to 9:00 am.
  • Lunch break and two coffee breaks in the morning, and two more in the afternoon of which the first with complimentary beverages, fruits, and snacks.
  • Please remember to share your dietary restrictions.

All of this is included in your conference ticket! Check out the program here for the schedule.

If  you will be fasting during the conference, do not worry, you can enjoy your dinner after you break your fast. We will ensure that your meal is reserved, so please let Sevcan Hakyemez-Paul know before the conference days via

Why should I go to ScanAgile23? How can I get my supervisor on board?

Attending and participating in ScanAgile23 offers several benefits for Agile enthusiasts. Some of the perks include:

Get up-to-speed

  • Learn from industry experts, thought leaders, and agile peers.
  • A bunch of Agile topics are covered in talks, workshops, and sessions, like Agile frameworks, Agile testing, Agile coaching, and Agile project management.

Connect in person

  • ScanAgile23 gathers the Agile community in the Nordics and beyond.
  • Make strong connections with Agile peers, thought leaders, and industry experts while getting valuable insights, perspectives, and more.

Up-to-date trends

  • ScanAgile23 keeps up with the constantly changing agile landscape, so you’re always on top of things like the latest trends, practices, and tools.
  • You can learn about the latest Agile frameworks, methodologies, and best practices, and gain insights into how other organisations are implementing Agile.

Share experiences

  • You can swap your Agile story with others.
  • Taking part in discussions and workshops is a great way to learn about other Agile practices, present your own, and get feedback from others.


  • Attending ScanAgile23 can be a source of inspiration for individuals and teams.
  • Success stories and real-world examples of Agile in action can inspire you to try new approaches and innovate.

By facilitating learning/getting up-to-speed, connecting in person, staying up-to-date, sharing experiences, and finding inspiration, ScanAgile23 is a valuable investment of time and resources for individuals/teams and organisations with Agile mindsets or trying to get there!

Who are the organisers?

Organising the event is Agile Finland ry, alongside the volunteer committee of ScanAgile23. Get to know the team here and connect with them here. Our team is here to make ScanAgile23 an epic experience for all Agile enthusiasts!

Where can I find the program for ScanAgile 23?

You can access the page by clicking here and you will receive your own paper copy when you arrive.

How do I register for the Workshops?

Choose a workshop from the program and find its room. Signup sheets will be hung near the entrance, where you can add your name if capacity allows. It is important to note that each workshop has a different capacity. In case someone drops out last-minute, you can still add your name to the waitlist if the spots are full. 

There are a limited number of seats for each workshop, so please choose accordingly. Moreover, we encourage you not to sign up for more than one or two workshops at a time, especially not two simultaneously, so everyone has an equal opportunity to attend. 

Who can attend ScanAgile23? 

ScanAgile23 is open to everyone interested in Agile, as well as those looking to increase their knowledge. 

There is a conference party, isn’t there?

Enjoy food, drinks and the company of agile peers! Be ready to have fun and connect! If you need assistance getting there, please email us at Please remember to share your dietary restrictions by 24.3.2023.

Where can I purchase tickets?

To purchase tickets to Scanagile23, please click here. If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, get them now, since the conference’s capacity is filling up fast.

Is there a way that my company or I can buy group tickets?

Ticket purchases can be made here. For orders of multiple tickets paid by invoice, please contact 

Please note that there is a 10€ invoicing fee per invoice. There is no limit to how many tickets can be invoiced on one invoice.

How can I get the ticket paid for by someone else?

It is easier for the payer to get the tickets here. In case that is not possible, please contact 

Please note that there is a 10€ invoicing fee per invoice. There is no limit to how many tickets can be invoiced on one invoice.

What is the information we need from you to issue an invoice?

The following information is needed for invoices:

  • Company name
  • VAT number
  • Reference/PO
  • EDI / OVT number or invoicing email
  • Invoicing operation
  • Invoicing email 

Please note that there is a 10€ invoicing fee per invoice.

What is the refund policy?

No refunds. Please get familiar with the terms and conditions at

How can I become a speaker for ScanAgile23?

The call for proposals ended on January 8, 2023. Here is the speaker rosterNext year, please give it another go!

Can my company sponsor ScanAgile23?

Check out the sponsorship options here. Take a look to see if you can find a suitable sponsor package. Email us at to purchase a sponsorship package.

What can you do if none of these sponsorship packages suits your company?

Please let us know if you have any ideas for sponsorship packages, as they can also be tailored to your specific needs. Send us an email at You can also reach Jussi Kirkkopelto at +358 40 5878328.

How do I pay for my sponsorship?

You can request an invoice by sending all your company details to

Please note that there is a 10€ invoicing fee per invoice.

My sponsorship package includes a number of sponsorship tickets and additional tickets discounted for my people. How can they claim them?

Share your company discount code with your employees. They must use their company mail. Purchasers should use the discount code until they reach the number of sponsorship tickets included in their sponsorship package. Click here to enter your company discount code when purchasing additional discounted and sponsorship tickets.

Sponsorship packages: Marketing specifications

How many words are in the sponsor’s company presentation? What is ScanAgile23’s marketing strategy?

  • Logo: no words + website visibility + some tagging + email marketing (in the same bunch as Silver, under them: pre-conference & thank-you email)

  • Silver: no words + website visibility + some tagging (all silver in one post) + email marketing (all silver logo in one: pre-conference & thank-you email)

  • Silver+: 100-150 words + website visibility + some tagging (one silver+ per post) + email marketing (in the same email as Silver, and Logo: pre-conference & thank-you email) + info desk handouts and other marketing materials + Roll-up in conference

  • Gold: 200-250 words + website visibility + some tagging (one gold per post: pre-conference) + email marketing (one gold per email: pre-conference & thank-you email) + stand 3 m wide in the Main Room

  • Conference party: 300-350 words + website visibility + some tagging (post alone) + email marketing (pre-conference & thank-you email) + branding of the conference party + roll-up in conference + freebies on conference bags.

  • Signature: 350-500 words + website visibility + some tagging (post alone) + email marketing (pre-conference & thank-you email) + branding of the conference stage + company logo & freebies on conference bags.

Interested in learning more about aligning your company’s brand and marketing message with ScanAgile23 on social media and at the conference? You can reach Sussy Sáenz at or call her at +358505431899.

Should sponsors become more active with ScanAgile on social media?

Sponsors can actively tag @scanagile and use #ScanAgile23. Sponsors can also answer these questions to make the connection more personal. Send your answers to

  • How do sponsor services contribute to a sustainable work life?
  • Why is your company part of ScanAgile?
  • What does the sponsor wish to contribute to the Agile Community?


Is it possible to get free tickets?

Currently, we do not offer free tickets.

I’m a student/unemployed/on parental leave and I cannot afford the ticket. What are my options?

We are looking few volunteers to help with conference practices, please contact

Can I volunteer?

Yes, extra hands for various tasks are probably needed, like building the stage, helping with the registration at the info desk, which may include problem-solving on tracks or workshops, and any other practicalities to answer and help the conference participants and such. Please contact

Is online participation available?

There will only be a face-to-face event this time. We’d love to create an opportunity for participants to meet in person after a long virtual period. We hope you find a way to join us in Helsinki. We would be thrilled to meet you.


What is the Code of Conduct?

We want all conference participants to enjoy the event to the fullest in a safe and welcoming environment. You can read our Code of Conduct at

If you’re having any trouble, please contact us at the conference or via as soon as possible.


Conference participants will gather at Paasitorni, a stunning waterside Art Nouveau building near Helsinki’s centre, which was once the Helsinki Worker’s House.


ScanAgile will be held in Paasitorni.

Agile Finland r.y.