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ScanAgile23 is held at Paasitorni, Helsinki, on 28-29.03.2023

The two-day conference features leading keynote speakers, inspiring talks, and hands-on workshops. With three tracks and workshops, we aim to maximise the interaction between the speakers and the Agile community for the participants.

Speakers from across the globe

The speakers include many of the world’s leading figures, and our roster comprises the most prestigious names in the local community. We want our visitors to get the most out of their experience, so we’ve designed the event in three tracks. We aim to connect the speakers to the Agile community as much as possible.

Audience Specific

We expect the audience to be diverse and international. The target attendance for our event is 300 to 400 people. It is not uncommon for our attendees to come from abroad as well.

Visibility at home and abroad

Besides having national and international visibility, the conference will reach the entire ecosystem of ScanAgile and Agile Finland. The conference is designed to be an Agilist-to-Agilist gathering, but we also offer visibility to a limited number of companies to produce the best meeting possible. Seeing sponsorships as value-added, we believe that good collaborations can yield a better experience for all.

Shine bright in your spot

Through sponsorships, we give companies the perfect opportunity to showcase their expertise and presence in the Agile ecosystem. Aside from the main event, side events will take place with speakers and organisers so that attendees can communicate with top professionals and network.

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  • Stage branding
  • Welcome talk  for all guests 
  • Stand 6m wide in the Main Room or Sponsor Area + Coaching Corner/Sponsor-led workshop/Open Space possibilities + special arrangements

  • A one-hour session with Diana Larsen at the conference or at your office

  • 2 seats at the Speaker’s Dinner the night before the conference

  • Logo & freebies on conference bags
  • Pre-conference  email to all participants with Sponsor’s greetings
  • Integrated marketing across all channels
  • Comprehensive company presentation on the website
  • 7 tickets
  • Extra tickets are 20% off
15 000 € + VAT 24%

Conference Party

  • Conference Party  branding
  • Exclusive 5-min Welcome talk  for all guests at the party
  • Sauna available for rental for 6-12 people

  • Pre-conference email to all participants with company intro

  • Integrated marketing across all channels
  • Company presentation on the website
  • Roll-up in conference
  • Freebies on conference bags
  • Recognition in the thank-you email to all participants
  • 4 tickets
  • Extra tickets are 20% off
10 000 € + VAT 24%


  • Stand 3 m wide in the Main Room or Sponsor area, a prime place to reach out to all conference participants OR 2 free extra tickets
  • 1 seat at the Speaker’s dinner the night before the conference
  • Brief company presentation on the website
  • Pre-conference email with a brief company intro
  • Active presence across all channels
  • 4 tickets
  • Extra tickets are 20% off
    7 500 € + VAT 24%


    • Info desk handouts and other marketing materials
    • Roll-up in conference
    • Pre-conference email with your logo
    • Visibility across all channels
    • 2 tickets
    • Extra tickets are 15% off
    3 000 € + VAT 24%


    • Logo on the conference website
    • Social media, conference website, and newsletter mentions of your company
    • Extra tickets are 10% off
    1 000 € + VAT 24%

    How does it work?

    Get in touch with us if you are interested in any of our sponsorship packages or want to create your own!


    Conference participants will gather at Paasitorni, a stunning waterside Art Nouveau building near Helsinki’s center, which was once the Helsinki Worker’s House.


    Agile Finland r.y.