ScanAgile Online Series 2021

“I wander, You want, WE WONDER, when are we going to mingle again? Β Tomorrow (12.5.21) at 18:00!Β  πŸ—£ Short call notice! πŸ‘€

ScanAgile is calling to the agile community to mingle tomorrow, to try a new platform ( for the real big time in June!–Pst! Stay tuned! Moreover, we will enjoy having a free chat among the attendees to discuss the next hot topic: Servant Leadership!

This meet-up is effortless: we will try, listen to your suggestions regarding what would you like us to prepare concerning Servant Leadership. Are there some pain points you would like to share with us?, or perhaps you have brilliant ideas on what the theme of the event should be this time! Anyhow, welcome to fancy having a good sunny time together!Β 

Since it is a short call, it will be First come, first served. Forum 20 persons. Link? DM-us or soon in comments. πŸ‘€-u

Eh? What do I do next? Here you go quick practicalities:
Attendees register through an email: Β
ScanAgile responds to you with a link for tomorrow.
Best recommended devices to attend are a laptop or a desktop computer.
Event’s platform:
Mood for tomorrow: Free style, show your true colours!Β 
To be or not shy? Be ready to open your mic and say, Moro! with a camera on! πŸ“½ Of course, you may remain quiet if you feel more comfortable that way 🌸.

So there is not a reason for you to miss the fun 🎒. We warmly welcome you all πŸ§‘πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ–€πŸ’œ.

See you on 12.5.2021 at 18:00.Β 

ScanAgile meet-up to discuss about & servant leadership



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