ScanAgile Online Series 2021

#ScanAgile calls for 10 minutes presentations 🚀

Think #Agile or go home! Err, We are already at home! That’s right, if we cannot gather and mingle at the traditional ScanAgile conferences, then let’s do it at the online #meetups! Let’s keep the ScanAgile community alive, shall we? 🤘

So, the poll’s result spoke loud 📣 “Remote Team Building” 📣 is the most voted topic. We think to spice it a bit by pairing it with the Vappu Festival theme.

Now, we are calling for short presentations. Meaning? Ten ⌚️ minutes presentations, excluding time for quick Q&A. Shine bright✨ by sharing your practical examples, cases, hints and tips. After the presentations, people group up, discussing the topics in a relaxed ambience.

At ScanAgile, we aim for diversity in many aspects and expect everybody to commit to our conduct code.

Does this speak to you? Please email us your proposals at 📥 📥 by 6-Apr-21. Don’t be late 🎯.

Note it 🔖 the kicking meetup off is on Wednesday 28th of April 2021, 18:00-20:00 (EEST)! 👀-u there!



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