Virpi Einola-Pekkinen

Head of Development

Ministry of Finance


Experienced Head of Development with a demonstrated history of working in the government administration. Skilled in Organisational Development, HRD, Strategy, and Networks. Strong activities and culture development professional with a Master of Education, Social Policy and Communication from Helsinki University.

Towards agile, cross-sectoral, open minded and future orientented Government

Many societal problems, such as climate change and increasing social inequality, are complex and interdependent phenomena that should be examined more comprehensively than is presently done. The current siloed administration and the level of detail and microscale nature of legislation and budgeting, however, make it significantly harder to apply a cross-administrative, comprehensive approach. So-called ‘Phenomen -based’ orientation and a drive for agile, explorative ways of preparation are strongly needed. One concrete step towards a new ecosystem-platform is Work2.0Lab.