Timo Linnossuo

Timo Linnossuo

Senior Team Coach at Reveiller Oy and Senior Lecturer at Turku University of Applied Sciences.

Turku University of Applied Sciences.

Timo has been applying the Cynefin framework to Conflict Resolution with the Aseman Lapset Conflict Resolution and School Bullying Teams.

Cynefin Framework applied to Conflict Resolution

The Presentation shows one way to use Dave Snowden’s Cynefin Framework for Sensemaking in complex conflicts. Conflicts and crises are always a possibility to innovate Novel Practices. Making Sense of the situation and using enough time and resources to create a new and better normal is often very difficult. How to avoid fast fixes and to find lasting solutions is the question. We have created a new model for innovative Conflict Resolution with the help of Cynefin Framework. The Model is based on the work and experiences of the Aseman Lapset Bunker Team. Resilient communities can use conflicts for innovation and improvement.