Sonja Ängeslevä

Sonja is a pioneer, digital tinkerer and award-winning game industry activist. She specializes in innovation networks and data informed product development.

She works as Product Lead at social game developer, Zynga; is in the steering group of National Artificial Intelligence Program deliberating on the future of AI in Finland, and works as the Chairman of the Board of Neogames ry, keeping Finland’s role central when shaping the future of global game industry.

Sonja started her career building collaborative filtering models for personalized recommendations, spatial and haptic games and service prototypes for mobile television. She has written several pioneering books about digital media cultures and games, and has been one of the key influencers behind Finnish game industry networks for the past 15 years. Before joining Zynga, she was Product Director at Unity, building new innovative B2C service, advisor for mobile game studio Small Giant Games and board member of educational game platform.

She likes digital tinkering and as one of her hobby projects, is building tools to enable other digital product builders to become more data savvy and experiment driven.

Follow Sonja on Twitter at: @souplala

Keynote Thursday 14th of March 9:15 - DataOps

How to move faster from ideation to validation and production.