Sasha Scott

Project Lead, Digital Transformation Initiative

European Broadcasting Union


Sasha is a specialist in #DigitalTransformation, #Media&Society, # DigitalConsultancy, #MediaStrategy and #DigitalCulture. Proudly working to support Public Service Media with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the world’s leading alliance of Public Service Media (PSM) with 117 member organizations in 56 countries. As project Lead of the Digital Transformation Initiative, he provides consultancy, advise and training to EBU Members. Before joining the EBU, Sasha was an interdisciplinary academic researcher at Queen Mary University of London, and holds a Ph.D. in Media and Arts Technology.

Agile in Public Service Media

Public Service Media (PSM) are in the eye of the storm: content and platform proliferation, competition from global tech giants, a crisis of trust, funding cuts, and political polarization. These issues all threaten the role PSM plays in a healthy society. As a result, PSM needs to be closer to their audiences than ever before: listening, learning, and adapting and improving its content and services. Whilst PSM tend to suffer extremes of legacy structures and processes, the public value mindset carries a huge potential for innovation, creativity, and an openness to change.At the EBU we have a unique macro European view, so I’ll be talking about how PSM is using agile methods and approaches as enablers for digital transformation.