Sakke Mustonen

Head of UX and Digital Service Design

Talent Base

Sakke Mustonen is a hands-on agile coach and UX/Service Design lead with 20 years of experience. Sakke works at Talent Base, an independent house of expertise accelerating top digital transformation journeys in the Nordic. Sakke works in the epicenter of Venn diagram of business, data, development, operations and end-user needs, driving for change and deploying an effective way of working to get digital businesses right.

Design thinking as agile accelerator

By now, Design Thinking has earned its place in the vocabulary of digital transformation. Lately it has been elevated as a visible part of many large scale agile delivery frameworks. However, Design Thinking is still often considered as a responsibility of a few dedicated roles, and not all frameworks are providing concrete, pragmatic guidelines on how to apply and scale Design Thinking through the daily end-to-end toolset of a lean organisation as a whole.If you are interested in hearing about field-tested methods and tools beyond frameworks, join this inspiring presentation to learn and discuss how Design Thinking can help your organisation to reach true user centric agility. You will learn how to apply Design Thinking in keeping your end-users in the centre, inducing more motivated teams, tackling complexity, managing risks, and prioritising more accurately. Design Thinking should not be a privilege of your dedicated UX- or Service Design team only – come and learn how to elevate Design Thinking to become a valuable part of the whole journey from portfolio management to team-level problem solving.