Priya Patra

Program Manager

Capgemini Technology Services India Ltd.

Priya is a mother of two, Author, Blogger, Women Empower believer, Dreamer, Creator, and a Futurist An Agile Evangelist and a Program Manager spearheading Digital transformation, digital quality assurance, and quality engineering program for a large conglomerate in Lifesciences domain.

She Leads Agile Community Of Practice with Capgemini 546 members, across 40 countries evangelizing Agile practices across all levels in the organization. She is a speaker for national and international conferences on IoT, Agile and Project Management. When she is not working, she dreams about the future of work, and its impact on projects. Her views are expressed through blogs on

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A Chronicle of digital transformation with strategic storytelling

Digital disruption is changing the world in which we live and work. New technologies have created new markets that, in turn, create new customers and new competitors. And those customers and competitors are driving new expectations.

Digital transformation is a natural progression from traditional business transformation, one more suited to the modern world.

For a digital transformation to be successful, we need a high level of employee and customer buy-in. Resistance to change can derail even the most carefully planned digital strategy and leave investments in flames. We need absolute clarity about digital’s demands, galvanized leadership, unparalleled agility, and the resolve to bet boldly.

Storytelling has always been central to human experience – it’s how we explain and make sense of the world. It takes intuitiveness and empathy on the part of the storyteller to connect with the audience.

Effective storytelling can catch our attention and help us to apprehend the world while touching us, makes it a powerful tool and a valuable instrument for leaders.

Can leaders leverage this craft element of strategic storytelling to be the key to achieving employee and customer buy-in for digital transformation?

Can we motivate our workforce through strategic storytelling and make them believe in the desired outcome, and see what’s in it for them?

Can business narratives enhance collaboration and innovation which is required for the success of digital transformation?

In this session, I will discuss how we have leveraged strategic storytelling to

1. Communicate vision

2. Transmit Knowledge and Understanding

3. Improve collaboration and Innovation