Pauliina Hallama

Trainer, Coach & Growth Agent



Pauliina is a social psychologist specialized in using engaging and impactful methods in training groups and as part of human interaction. She is a coaching and training enthusiast who in addition to coaching individuals and teams loves to teach others – especially leaders and professionals in different fields – to do the same: to develop high-quality interactions and support growth in others. Pauliina’s mission is to design opportunities for people to grow, a mission that she has been fulfilling around the world so far with thousands of people in different fields and positions.

Get ready to Coach! - Workshop Tuesday 31st of March 2020 08:00 - 12:00

Where lies the Coaching in Agile Coaching?By definition, coaching is a process that aims at developing, challenging, supporting and empowering people to reach their full potential, both professionally and personally, with questions and other techniques. In this workshop, we will forget the Agile for a while and learn how to support others to grow through “pure” coaching. Get ready to add some tools in your toolbox!In this event you will get familiar with the practice and philosophy of coaching, the core competencies of a good coach, learn a simple yet powerful four-step model that will allow you to start coaching right away, and get some ideas on how to create powerful connections with the people around you.

• Introduction to coaching
• The 4Rs of coaching
• The coaching tool: ROSA 1.0
• Rapport: creating empowering relationships in minutesCoaching skills are a useful addition to any expert’s toolbox, not only to be able to lead ourselves and organize our own workload but most importantly to co-create and lead others towards valuable results. To be a skillful leader or a professional in your field you do not need to be an excellent coach – that can take years of practice – but we believe, and research supports, that a coaching mindset and approach will bring you far. The workshop is an excellent kick-start for anyone who is interested in coaching and wants to know more.