Pascal Papathemelis

Pascal has worked as an agile project manager/scrum master/facilitator of various developments in size and type for almost two decades. His focus is on people and practical approaches in order to deliver value. Currently Pascal is working at Agile42 as an agile coach. Since 2014 a co-organiser of Agile Finland’s coaching circle in Helsinki and an active member of the Agile Finland community.

Thursday 14th of March 14:30 - Dammit, get together and get the job done!

Pascal Papathemelis & Andrey Rusetskiy

After organisations adopt Agile, they start facing new challenges related to running agile projects and coordinating multiple agile teams. Even if mechanisms to coordinate agile teams are in place, organisations face problems and bottlenecks that can’t be resolved by Scrum of Scrums or similar practices.

In our presentation we will share how we have successfully addressed this issue. We evolved our co-working practices in special events several times during development projects. Our ideas were based on the principles described in the Agile Manifesto and the hackathon events.

The audience will learn that agile principles can be applied to other areas than just software development; how to have an effective cross-team co-working event with selected representatives of the teams in order to deliver more value in shorter time; they will learn a useful tool for their agile scrum master’s/facilitator’s/project manager’s toolbox with do’s and dont’s.