Padmini Nidumolu


Lean In Agile, Diversity Matters


Padmini Nidumolu is the Co-founder of Lean In Agile for women in Lean and Agile spaces to amplify the voices of women and celebrate the journeys of thought leaders. She is an Enterprise Agile Coach and a meetup/Spiral organizer in the Washington DC metro area. She is a TEDx speaker and a frequent speaker at various Agile and business transformation conferences. She is a certified Business Agility Strategist and a certified trainer in several Agile and Scaled Agile courses She is a STEM coach for several school teams and is a huge proponent of women in STEM.

Breaking internal barriers to accelerate

Women in Agile and Lean Leadership
{When women support each other, incredible things happen}

1. Lean In Agile (LIA) is a movement for women, by women and of women designed to amplify the voices, talents, and experiences of women within the Lean and Agile communities across the globe. As an international alliance, LIA connects women worldwide so that their experiences and expertise as Lean and Agile practitioners can be leveraged for these women to make a difference in the world for themselves and each other.
2. Spirals are enabling groups of women who come together to offer to the group and seek from the group. Lean In Agile vision is to enable local communities to form and sustain these powerful groups across the globe. Natural leaders emerge from these groups supported by Spirals
3. LIA100 is an initiative of Lean In Agile, to celebrate and share the journeys of phenomenal women in Lean and Agile spaces across the globe. Women often do not tell their own stories. This initiative identifies and brings the best stories to the community to amplify the voices of women