Olli Salo

As a consultant at McKinsey & Company now for 12 years, Olli has worked with multiple global companies undergoing large transformations. In the past six years he has been focussing exclusively on Enterprise-wide Agility, helping banks, telcos, retailers, mining companies in Europe, Africa, Australia and New Zealand radically transform their operating model across business and IT. In addition to client work, Olli has published multiple articles on Organizational Agility and led the global knowledge codification on Agile within McKinsey.

Thursday 14th of March 11:45 - Enterprise-wide Agile: case examples of large organizations going agile across whole of Business and IT

Your Agile IT teams complain how the rest of the business is too slow and bureaucratic. And the business side sees the IT teams as fast, but not really focussing on customer value. Sounds familiar? In my presentation I will share examples of large (5000+ employees) companies that have moved beyond Agile in IT to Enterprise Agile. These companies apply agility and self-management across the whole organization: combined BizDevOps squads for customer journeys and products, self-managing teams in contact centres, flow-to-work pools in support functions, squads in B2B sales and service, retail shops without managers and so on. Also in focus is the “stable backbone” needed to support these teams – how these companies transformed their governance, budgeting, people model, culture etc. to enable agile at scale. Key questions answered – How to apply agile in different parts of the business? – How to transform a large traditional company into agile across structure, processes, people & culture and technology? – How does the journey look like in practice? Cases include Spark New Zealand (telco), a large Australian bank, another large telco and numerous other companies on the journey.