Nina Laaksonen

Vice President, eCOA Software Development

Signant Health

Nina is seasoned leader with background in software development, project management, product management and various leadership roles in R&D and Services organizations. Nina designed and lead the Agile Transformation at Nokia Software, with around 45 launched ART’s during the first year of transformation. Today, Nina leads the R&D for development of software for clinical studies in the pharmaceutical industry, with a COVID-19 vaccine study as one of the current projects.

Agile Transformation at Scale – Learnings and Takeaways - Keynote

Agile Transformation is not only a software developer thingy. A successful agile transformation requires the full organizational support and a clear vision of what a successful transformation will look like. In this presentation you will hear about the takeaways from three agile transformation journeys: Moving from Scrum to SAFe at Comptel, The Nokia Software Agile Transformation journey, and how to bring agility into a regulated healthcare (pharma) industry at Signant Health..