Matti Kiviluoto

Team Lead

Siili Solutions

Father, husband, human being.

Team Lead of the award-winning Siili Solutions Sitefinity Team for the 10th year and counting – we build global websites. Having hands-on experience on how to build hyper-productive, geographically distributed, diverse, long term, psychologically safe, self-organized, agile teams – all learned from real-life experience and tested in action. Born agile and with a start-up mindset (and background), always looking out for new ways of doing things.

Believes that work is not about earning a paycheck, but more about making an impact. A diversity and inclusion activist, one of the founding members of the #ITclusive movement, a MyData activist and a Global Goals activist. Guided by life-long learning, empathy and failing fast, huge fan of #CompassionateCoding.

I see a huge need for a more compassionate and inclusive working culture in IT, if you agree, come to our workshop.

Build you own Diversity and Inclusion Agent Game-Plan - Workshop Tuesday 31st of March 13:00 - 15:00

Everyone is finally talking about diversity and inclusion in IT, but what can I personally do to make our industry more inclusive? We’ll be covering diversity and inclusion in organizational culture, recruitment and teamwork + we’re going to introduce you to a couple of excellent NGOs working in the field. We’ll digest this together in teams and you’ll walk away with your personal “Diversity and Inclusion Agent Game-Plan”.