Marko Taipale

I am solving two challenges in the world:

1) Help companies to find what are the services/products worth enough to be develop (aka lean startup / design thinking)

2) Help companies to figure out how to get those services done effectively (aka agile at scale, business agility)

– Facilitated accelerator programs generating tens of validated ideas for global companies and helped their “Growth Boards” to act as internal investors.
– Coached GE FastWorks (Lean Startup) projects that generated new business for the company.
– Coached scaling of GE HealthCloud from 1 team to 40 teams in 6 countries and delivering to market. This enabled the business to reach out for 30 BUSD market.
– Coached multiple GEHC programs to improve release cadence.
– Helped GEHC Budapest to establish a value stream based management structures for faster decision making.
– Developed a consumer portal from concept to cash and eventually selling the IPRs
– Mentored a software product company to validate a new business model for a new product concept in 2 months (Finnish Deloitte TOP 10 growth company)
– Helped a international online gaming company to improve time-to-market from 24 months to 3 months
– Consulted a energy company to purchase aprocess control system and they got the value they expected with 10% of the planned investment
– Consulted a software product company to save 1.3 Meur annually in management and administration and improve quality by 4000% (from 1500 errors to 30 errors for a release)
– My company Huitale implemented first continuous delivery in Finland (2007). Capability included a way of developing new features from idea to production in 8 days, releasing multiple times a day and real-time business analytics.
– Consulted agile public ICT procurement for multiple clients enabling less risky investments
– Facilitated service design workshops resulting service innovations that saved money, time and effort for public national ICT services(Digabi)

Wednesday 13th March 2019 13:30 - How to combine design, data and agile development at scale

Many organisations have scaled up their agile development effort. While they may have reached improvements in time-to-market and software quality they still struggle in ensuring they are building the right things and driving decisions based on data, especially at scale. In this session Marko will walk us through the principles and a case example(s) how these benefits have been reached in large organisations.