Kristine Corbus

Kristīne Corbus is a software quality evangelist, meet-up founder, conference organiser, speaker, trainer and coach. Other words, she is seeker and shape shifter.

Living between two countries, languages and cultures, she is used to continuous improvement and feels like home with change and transition topics in tech. Kristine loves to explain software quality and testing to developers and business people. She coaches software testers and QA engineers to think long term and business-oriented.

Before becoming a trainer, Kristīne worked as a software tester and QA manager in several start-ups and digital agency. Building and managing teams, creating QA processes and defining test strategies. Her professional profiles you can find here: XingLinkedIn.

Since 2015 Kristīne runs tester meet-ups hold in Jena, Halle and Leipzig, Germany. She was the organiser of Ministry Of Testing first  TestBash 2017 conference in Munich, Germany.

Workshop Wednesday 13th March 2019 13:30 - Questioning requirements: improving quality for everyone