Katja Kuusikumpu

Principal Quality Engineer


During her twenty years in the software industry, Katja has consulted, built, managed, and tested everything from cargo transportation systems and firmware to cloud-native services and mobile apps. Having built so much software and then spent even more time making that software fail spectacularly, she moved on to transforming organizations to lean, mean cloud machines. Currently, Katja oversees R&D quality assurance for consumer products at F-Secure Corporation, encouraging engineers to be as inventive and as destructive as they can with their software. In her free time, Katja enjoys nuclear accidents, opera, and stabbing people with swords.g to make the work more efficient.

5+1 Awful Truths About Culture Change - Thursday 2nd of April 11:45

So let’s say you have transformed your team to full-on Agile. It’s working, you are energized and your team is producing fantastic results at an accelerated pace. The management says, “More! Let’s scale up!” And you say go.

But scaling agile is not just a matter of educating people and buying more Post-It notes. It’s a cultural change that can fail in new and exciting ways. In this talk, I go through very concrete examples from an 18-month, three-team change. With the examples, I work my way through the five (plus one bonus) culture potholes I fell into so that you can be more prepared for them than I ever was.