Kati Ilvonen

I’m fascinated about potential of human being and find growth and learning key things in business and in my own life. Technical problems can be always solved, but human related issues are challenging ones. Change is interesting and continuous challenge. I think typically lack of process is not reason for failure but rather lack of buy-in from people. Leadership, in addition to vision and goal setting, is a lot about leading feelings and attitudes.

• Several years of experience in different kinds of leadership roles including coaching, of which last 3 years as a head coach in Ericsson R&D Finland. Currently responsible of organizational level coaching and culture development. I have great experience about intensive coaching sessions for groups with excellent feedback.
• 10 years of experience working in various project and line management roles. Proven track record of successful work across multidisciplinary teams in a global organization.
• Leader with ability to combine very strong result orientation with amazing people skills in a unique way.
• Several years of experience as a leadership team member.
• Several years experience as a line manager.
• 2 years as managing partner at the Entire Oy, company providing holistic wellbeing services. As an entrepreneur and I have gained hands-on experience from all main business management areas including business leadership of an organization, financial planning and controlling, contract management, sales and marketing management including planning and execution of marketing activities as well as entire HR management of company employees and contractors.

Workshop Wednesday 13th March 2019 10:45 - How to get results out of self-compassion?

Kati Ilvonen and Hanna-Mari Loisa

You thought that self-compassion is lame? What if it is actually key for better results? 
Thanks to Google everyone knows the importance of the psychological safety in team performance. We wanted to understand how you build it. The results of the research done at Ericsson Finland in co-operation with Hanken School of Economics, University of Helsinki and Stanford University reveals one important ingredient. It all starts from oneself. It starts from your ability to self-compassion. Self-compassion meaning ability to listen and connect to your own feelings and needs, being kind and caring towards yourself and understanding yourself in hard moments. The research done at Ericsson Finland R&D shows that self-compassion relates to higher levels of experienced psychological safety, team trust and especially team authenticity. Same research also reveals how mindfulness impacts on opportunity recognition, proactive behavior and autonomous choice. These all together create conditions for the optimal atmosphere for learning and collaboration, enabling high-performance. 
Self-compassion can be best learned through practising; thus, we want to focus on self-compassion exercises and cases on this workshop.