Jussi Galla


Topaasia oy

Jussi is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Topaasia ltd based in Helsinki, Finland. He is inspired to find ways for dialogue, the art of thinking together to form within teams. Since 2014 the pathway for this has been by developing and focusing on building a kick-ass dialogue tool (Topaasia®).

Ensuring excellent overall quality dialogue

Ensuring excellent overall quality dialogue
During this session you get to follow dialogue around the topic “Ensuring excellent overall quality from silos actually isn´t just that easy and fun”. In the fishbowl we will use Topaasia serious game, which is a discussion tool to generate dialogue and mutual understanding about difficult topics. Participants of the discussion:
Maaret Pyhäjärvi (Vaisala)
Sari Hildén (Posti)
Esko Hannula (Qentinel)
Samuli Kiviniemi (Sanoma)
Mika Kivi (OP)