Josh Dahlberg

Scrum master 



Helping teams build products that solve problems is where Josh finds the most enjoyment. His background in music publishing and software development influence his approach to work in a way that supports both creativity and delivery. Outside the office, he enjoys experimenting with synthesizers, record shopping, and riding his bike around Detroit.

The Agility of Motown Records

What can Motown Records teach us about agility? Can it be that Berry Gordy adopted business agility decades before the Agile Manifesto was authored? What lessons can we learn from how Motown empowered a creative class to build the highest quality products in their market space? In this talk, we’ll explore the principles of agile in the context of Motown Records, and dig into the parallels between Berry Gordy’s approach to releasing music and software development. Attendees will learn more about what made Motown unique for its time and how the practices of the label can improve the software and products we build for our customers today.