Jordann Gross

Self-organization coach

The Serious Gamers

Jordann’s purpose is nurturing environments in which people can become their best selves. He believes one should manage the system and not just the people. By enabling environments in which people grow to new heigths he gets his energy.

Doing this made him an experienced enterprise and executive coach. He coaches on agile leadership & mindset, facilitates transformations to become future fit and designs adaptive & scaling organizational structures.

Jordann’s hobbies around kid’s camp and board games give him an energetic and playful approach. Leading to his motto: ‘putting the fun in functional.’ As work in the current age of disruption should be something that gives you energy.

Game Your Way to high performance - Workshop Tuesday 31st of March 13:00 - 16:00

Are you wondering how to get more attention for continuous improvement? Did your retrospectives turn into a wheeping party? Would you like your team to be more energetic? You think work could be more fun? Done struggling with how to teach the next cool practice?

Get your ticket to ride this rollercoaster of a workshop. It’s your turn to use serious games to make quality a team value and improving a team effort! In this workshop you will explore and experiment with serious games, gamified activities and energizers. By the end of the day you know what defines a serious game and how to facilitate and debrief them. You go home with actual serious games that you can put into practice the next day. You’ll be able to mix and match your own recipe to help your team become more high-performing.