John Le Drew

John has spent most of the last 2 decades working in the software industry, with a focus on web technologies. After 10 years as a software engineer John moved into consultancy where he quickly learned the value of team dynamics and how most technical challenges are projecting underlying issues with collaboration. So his focus shifted, while still being very involved technically, his first focus is on facilitating a safe, creative, collaborative environment.

Workshop Thursday 14th of March 13:30 - Clownban

My only complaint is that my cheeks hurt from laughing too much.” Clownban workshop attendee.

Learning should be fun. And so should teaching.

Join us for something a little bit different. How do use kanban to build and market test a product? Using your own hands and creativity, this highly interactive workshop will see you build and market test a product that is fun for all the family. We will be building and collaborating in a multiple team setting to bring ideas to life, and use customer feedback to test and learn using kanban to bring visualisation and focus across complicated dependencies as we build and deploy an integrated product.

This workshop is suited to those who have little to no knowledge of kanban AND for those looking for a fun and new way to teach Kanban. We invite you to participate and plagiarise at will. We will share the pack and train the trainer note to anyone interested following the session.