Jaana Majakangas

Technical project manager

Gofore Oyj


Jaana is IT professional that has been involved in all areas of software industry. She currently works as a technical project manager in Gofore. She has twenty+ years of experience in a variety of roles within the IT industry.

Jaana has an agile mindset and her first touch to agility was in the beginning of the century while working for Nokia. Agility has been part of the daily work over a decade now. Jaana has completed several agile certificates from Scrum Alliance and Scale Agile to different roles in agile development.

Last 8 years Jaana has been working on variety of public sector projects at Gofore. She has been solving agility issues hand in hand with the customer. These projects have been from various business areas and all closely tight to digitalisation and digital services, so making a big impact on society.

Lessons learnt from public sector agile projects - Wednesday 1st of April 11:45

Is agile transformation possible and can agile projects be successful in public sector? Yes, they can, but there are several pitfalls to avoid. In this talk we will share some of the things we have learnt from the public sector projects. Regardless of the domain, projects face similar challenges. We’ll also have some solutions or advice to these challenges.