Howard Johnson

Seasoned Leader of Product Management, IT software development and Digital Servicing. 20+ years of experience leading global teams responsible for Large Program transformation specializing in Financial Services, Commercial and B2B services.

Significant experience with business transformation and scaled agile practices. Developed customer-centric solutions, and large global programs of change. Led teams of product managers, IT Directors, engineers, Business and Technical architects, Project Managers and analysts responsible for all aspects of product development from concept to realization across global lines of business.

I’m pretty adept at quickly finding the core problem, coming up with ideas and then collaborating with others to figure out a way forward. I’m a change agent who believes in authenticity and getting things done. 

Thursday 14th of March 14:30 - Are you ready for the third wave?

Organizations are striving to use Agile to unlock customer value and competitive advantage all over the world. While scaling frameworks and adoption of Agile practices are important, on their own they are not enough. In order to become Agile as a business, you must look beyond these to the next wave of agility. SolutionsIQ has been working in the Agile transformation business for over 20 years. Hear how we’ve helped our clients outlearn their competition by looking at all the elements of their business environment and unifying them into a single holistic transformation, and then guiding them along a proven path to successful outcomes.