Henrik Kniberg

Agile & Lean coach

Henrik is an Agile & Lean coach based in Stockholm. He enjoys helping companies succeed with both the technical and human sides of sofware development. During the past two decades Henrik has been CTO of three Swedish IT companies and helped dozens more get started with Agile and Lean software development. Henrik currently divides his time between hands-on coaching and training. He works regularly with Jeff Sutherland, Mary Poppendieck, Alistair Cockburn, and other internationally recognized thought leaders. Henrik’s books have over 500,000 readers, have been translated to 12 languages, and are used as the primary guide to Agile and Lean software development by hundreds of companies worldwide.
Henrik is regularly engaged as keynote speaker at international conferences on Agile & Lean software development.

Confessions of a change agent - Keynot Thursday 2nd of April 15:45

Agile is all about change and continuous improvement, so we are all change agents. But how does organizational change actually happen? It’s rarely as pretty and simple as in the books. In this talk I’ll share some stories and tricks of the trade, as well as common misconceptions and pitfalls. I offer no silver bullets – just some hard-earned experiences that may help you improve as a change agent.