Eveliina Vuolli

SW Development Process and Quality Champion


Eveliina Vuolli has a long experience acting as an operational development manager. She has been working with software development over 20 years in different kinds of roles in the global, multinational organizations: process owner (verification), project manager and trainer (various areas) and coach. Facilitation, continuous improvement and leadership topics are also within her interests.

Eveliina has a strong background in the agile way of working: e.g. she has acted as an agile coach and developed agile testing practices. In her current role as an organizational coach, she is open-minded to combine both traditional and new methods to drive the continuous improvement culture.

She has been a speaker e.g. in the Agile2010, Agile Testing Days 2010, ScanAgile2015, XP2015 and Lean Agile Scotland 2016 conferences.

Proactive continuous improvement - Workshop Tuesday 31st of March 2020 10:00 - 12:00

Continuous improvement is not only about reflection and retrospectives. In this workshop, we will discuss the differences between proactive and reactive approaches. We will explore and answer e.g. the following questions

* What is (typical) proactive and reactive practices?
* How to make use of different practices in your own context?
* What kind of approach do you need more of right now?