Emmi Sallinen

Scrum master


Emmi is passionate scrum master with excellent people skills. She believes in the power of teams and does not shy to challenge teams in order to help them to grow together while pushing herself to learn more all the time. Emmi’s colleagues describe her as trustworthy, disciplined and easy to approach scrum master who creates positive energy around her. She gets excited about experimenting new things, learning more about people and airline industry itself. Currently Emmi works as a scrum master in Finnair.com development. Before Finnair Emmi has been consultant working as UI tester and product owner.

Focus on essential - Agile at Finnair

We will tell the story of Finnair’s agile journey in digital service creation: what has happened when you implement agile development in a 96 years old company, how we have brought focus to our development, what kind of mistakes and learnings we have made and how this reflects to our stakeholders and development teams everyday work and feelings.Finnair has been lucky to have key people with a strong belief in agile development. Key-value in our presentation is to tell how we have given the space to our organization’s agile growth and building the trust between different business areas and development teams. The presentation will include stories about pain, frustration, happiness, good laughs and more.