Dima Syrotkin


Panda Training Oy

Dima is the CEO of a startup called Panda Training. Panda’s vision is the world where managers see a 10X return from investing in their people. They provide a personal coach for every employee, in their pockets, to complement learning and change management programs. His background is from NGO, training, consulting and startup worlds. He has experience in founding organizations from scratch and leading them. He knows a few things about business strategy, project management, marketing, sales, corporate training.Dima loves epic, grandiose, ambition. His goal is to work on projects big both in impact and scale. He is interested in human progress, education, political & economic systems, longevity, climate change, AI, personal development, leadership, morality, consciousness, life sciences, brain-computer interfaces, and space exploration.

What makes learning & change programs really work - Workshop Tuesday 31st of March 15:00 - 17:00

Learning and change are often interconnected, and we will try to tap into both of these topics. The workshop is built around 12 factors for learning effectiveness based on the research of the Austrian corporate learning researcher Dr. Ina Weinbauer-Heidel. Ina identified 12 factors that are most likely to influence the effectiveness of corporate learning activities (especially, training). 3 of them are individual-focused, 4 training design-focused and 5 organization-focused. We will help participants to understand this framework, map out the current learning processes in the company, evaluate them and design the action steps to improve the situation. The workshop is designed for HRD and change management professionals but of course, works for anyone interested in the topic.