Cliff Hazell

Understanding Complexity and Improving Systems
Visualisation and Information Radiators, to improve situational awareness.
Promote Curiosity and Continuous Learning

Speaker at various conferences including:
LKCE 2017 – Hamburg
Lean Coaching Summit 2017 – Austin, Texas
Lean Summit 2017 – Barcelona
Lean Summit Africa 2016 – Cape Town
Agile 2016 – Atlanta
Lean Summit UK 2016 – Birmingham
Lean Agile Scotland 2015 – Edinburgh
Agile Summit Greece 2015 – Athens
Bosnia Agile Day 2015 – Sarajevo
LKCE 2014 – Hamburg

Wednesday 13th March 2019 10:45 - Moving Beyond Cargo Cult Agile

Most companies claiming to, or wanting to, be agile, start at the team level. Often this involves adopting a model or framework that either only has those parts, or ignoring the Program and Stategy level changes.
At best this inspires a change journey, but more often this yields little impact on the core business metrics.

In this session I will draw in my experiences as a Product Lead in Telecoms and experience designing effective orgs at Spotify, to demonstrate how small changes in your program and portfolio layers can yield far great impact than training all your engineers in agile and checking a box