Cara Bermingham

Head of Agile Delivery

Co-op Digital


In past lives, Cara worked as an Agile Business analyst, Digital Producer, and a Programme Manager, but once she discovered the role of a team coach while working at the product design studio, she moved to coaching and didn’t look back. She’s been working for over a decade with digital products of all shapes and sizes, helping teams to form, perform and supporting them through the messy bits.

The most interesting and fulfilling bits in her life are always the most painful, awkward and downright hard work. Being able to make a positive impact on others through the products and services we make or just how we work together as humans make it worth it.Cara now leads the Agile Delivery community at Co-op Digital, where she’s applying her experience to the digital transformation of the Co-op, supporting the teams with delivery and helping to grow the Agile capabilities and communities across the Co-op group.

Human centred transformation - Thursday 2nd of April 13:30

The Co-op is the largest consumer co-operative in the UK and nearly 200 years old. It is currently in the midst of a total digital transformation from top to bottom. As you can imagine, no two days are quite the same.This talk is about the many challenges we have faced along the way. From finding a shared language between agile and waterfall to setting up sustainable partnerships and communities of practice, it always seems to come back to people and not methodologies.You will learn how a people-first approach to transformation works in practice and why leaving preconceptions at the door and treating colleagues as humans first and a job role second gets people across the business excited about working together.There will be some things to take away and try, and if you are going through your own transformation, this will help you feel less alone.