Antti Tevanlinna

An organizer with a solid Agile background and a toolbox for getting people, software, and projects from A to B. Specialties: Getting stuff done and the elusive large-scale Agile.

Wednesday 14th of March 10:45 - Do you know which high value customer jobs you should focus on?

A study from 2016 by Simon Kucher & Partners found that 72% of new products and services introduced to the market fail to deliver on expectations. When you create new value propositions, you need to focus on high-value customer jobs. The Value Proposition Canvas helps you design products and services that customers really want because it enables you to focus on what matters most to them.

In this 2-hour workshop we will walk through the theory of focusing on the job to be done, examine how to avoid common mistakes when using the Value Proposition Canvas, and explore the validation of your business idea with customer experiments using the Test Card before scaling them. The workshop trainers are Strategyzer Masterclass certified.