Amber Vanderburg

I have unique leadership experiences in corporate America, higher education, and athletics that when combined result in a bold dynamic. I specialize in building and leading teams to exceed goals. I have collaborated with stellar teams from all over the world and have experience in vision casting, servant leadership, public speaking, training and development, project management, change management, team building, human resources, and lean six sigma process improvement.

Wednesday 13th March 2019 14:30 - How to be the New Guy and Lead Change in a Team.

So, you’re the new person in the team? How do you quickly build rapport? How do you quickly establish credibility? How can you lead effective change for a better tomorrow? In this high energy chat, Amber Vanderburg discusses practical applications that you can use as the new leader in a team through applied research, case studies, and witty tales as the only female, only American, and only blonde Academy football coach for the PSG Football Academy in Bangalore, India. Working within diverse and international dynamics, Amber will share her experiences along with best practical applications for attendees to effective lead change as the new person.