Aki Salmi

Senior SW Architect


Aki does not believe in magic, he makes it happen. In all his professions, which are many; Hiking Guide, Communication Trainer, Software Crafter.He started as a developer in test and later has worked as Scrum Master and software crafter. While doing the techy side of work, Aki is test-driving the code – already since 2006. While being with people, Aki is well known for his listening skills giving the greatest gift he can give – the feeling of being listened to.Professionally, he travels all around Europe to speak, to share and to learn with crafters on what the community has learned. Also, Aki organizes conference(s) himself, like CodeFreeze.

Empathy at work

Trust is a key component for high performing teams, And while trust is built in the smallest of moments, in this workshop, Aki will guide you through how empathy can have an ever-lasting effect on trust.

How arguments and conflicts, that have mostly destructive power, can be transformed into curiosity-driven conflicts. Curiosity is one key ingredient of empathy – really trying to understand other people’s viewpoints and their needs behind.

5 Key Learnings:
* Key elements of high performing team, from the study by Google (Project Aristotle)
* How trust can be built, in the smallest of moments.
* Understanding differences of a different kind of listening
* Nonviolent Communication
* How NVC can help in building trust