Sami Honkonen


Sami Honkonen is a thought leader in modern leadership practices and digitalization. His leadership experience is based on his 11 years at Reaktor, a 400-person self-organized technology consultancy with offices in Helsinki, New
York and Tokyo. Sami started programming when he was 12, which gives him a thorough understanding of digitalization. Sami was also among the pioneers bringing Agile and Lean methods to Finland.

Sami is the author of a popular blog on how the nature of work has changed and how the governing principles must change with it. Sami’s article on the detrimental effects of budgeting and his though-provoking text on yelling as a leadership tool have gained tens of thousands of reads and hundreds of shares on social media.

Sami is also the host of Boss Level Podcast. In the podcast he interviews leaders and change agents who are breaking traditional organizational paradigms. One of the most popular episodes is one where Sami visits Buurtzorg, a Dutch home care company with 10 000 employees and no managers.