Sami Paju

Sami Paju (BBA, MSc) is a certified LEGO Serious Play facilitator, lean change agent, and an expert in innovation management and organisation design. He is the co-author of Experimentation Manual (“Kehitä Kokeillen” in Finnish), and a contributing author in a 2015 compilation on self-directedness (“Itseohjautuvuus: miten organisoitua tulevaisuudessa?” in Finnish). The traditional way of seeing organisations as mechanistic systems is incomplete and insufficient in the modern, rapidly changing and complex environment. In order to survive and thrive, organisations should be approached as living and continuously adapting systems.

Sami’s main focus areas are lean and agile organisation development, change management, and smart work habits, tools and techniques in modern high-intensity knowledge work.

Thursday 14th of March 10:45 - Creating trust and psychological safety

Miia Järvilehto and Sami Paju

According to research, psychological safety has been identified as the number one key ingredient of high performing teams. We all know its importance, but how do you actually go on about creating it? We can all imagine how tension and fear erode trust and the team becomes less than the sum of its parts. Often this happens by accident. Likewise we tend to think that psychological safety is also accidental. But it can be created, and it can be cultivated.

This is a hands-on workshop where we practise how everyone can contribute to building affect-based trust and psychological safety. How to bring your real self to the office and encourage others to do the same. It should come as no surprise that emotions play a big role in this workshop, but as with so many truly meaningful things, some discomfort is required. So leave your masks at the door and join us in becoming a bit better versions of yourselves!