Jussi Hölttä

Social Engineer


Jussi Hölttä is a coach (ICF ACC), facilitator, engineer, mindfulness teacher and learning designer. Sometimes all at the same time.

His first career was as a software engineer in contexts with wildly varying degrees of agility. Today he focuses on enabling and improving continuous learning in individuals and organizations. His personal side quest is learning Everything.

He is the author of the Learn 24/7 Workbook and the Social Rules -Ideapakka. He is also known in Agile Finland as one of the organizers of the Coaching Circle in Helsinki and the Agile Coaching Camp in Finland.

Working without Stress and Fear

Chronic hurrying, interruptions and hassle make work miserable. In theory, agile principles and practices tackle these issues. In practice, we need more Practice.

We’ve created this culture of hurry ourselves, and we can let it go.

For the past 8 years I’ve immersed myself in the science and practice of being human and the science is clear. Collaboration, learning and creativity are all dependent on people being present, well rested and in a slightly positive mood.

Hurrying is not only harmful for our health, it also destroys our working efficiency and especially effectiveness. And in the long term kills both people and companies.

Retrospectives help us reflect on the past, planning look into the future, but the only time we have to do the work is now. To continuously improve we need to create the space for learning not only in our processes, but also in ourselves.