Briana Romero

Service Designer

Intergalactico / Nordcloud

Briana Romero is originally from Northern California and has been living in Helsinki, Finland nine years. She works as a service designer in the technology industry and has a educational background in sustainability. She has an MA is creative sustainability from Aalto University and a BFA in art from San Jose State University, CA. She is also cloud practitioner certified. She enjoys dancing, traveling, and learning new things. She is also a fine artist and enjoys nature.

Why care about sustainability? We do digital stuff.

What is the purpose of sustainability if technology is sustainable… Wait is it? How come we are developing services without thinking of the longevity of them, or the effect on the people who matter the most; our users. Service designers often create persona’s in their work to drive their design.What is the persona of the earth now, and in 50 years if we were to think of them as our end user? Most likely sustainability is left out of the development phase due to money, or neither client or company demands. Let’s break down sustainability into parts : economical, environmental and social. Let’s think of systems thinking, circular economy and digital preservation. Let’s build products while attempting to preserve our communities and the environment.

If we are agile how can we slow down to think of sustainability as an essential design strategy for the future? How can we think quick and agile while smart about the environment and our users? Is it possible to be agile as well as sustainable? Are we the heroes of our tech future or the destroyers?