Thank you for your proposals! Call for proposals is closed now. We got 242 talk and workshop proposals. Speakers will be selected by 23rd of November.

  1. Track chairs go through the proposals and contact some of the proposers for more information
  2. Each talk track chair chooses 4 talks and syncs with the other chairs and the content team to ensure a great and consistent programme
  3. Talks and workshops are selected by 23.11.2019
  4. Full programme goes live 30.11.2019


The tracks and track chairs this year are

Leadership & Culture : Maarit Laanti

We welcome presentations on ways to change the organization culture into agile, and insights on agile leaders. What makes an organization culture agile? Do you have a success story to tell? Do you have an insight to share on Agile HR or PeopleOps? How can we create more motivation and create purpose, mastery and autonomy for our people? Do you have an example of an excellent agile leader? Do you have excellent coaching techniques to share? This track welcomes especially the proven recipes and practices.

Corporate Stories : Risto Reinikainen

We welcome stories on what has been successful or not-so-successful in your agile transformation, case studies, experience sharing of all kinds. Have you applied agile portfolio management or lean-agile budgeting with a success? Have you experienced a true tribal culture on your agile release train? Have you tried new way of agile contracting or would you like to just share how your journey to agile has been? Or maybe you have secrets source of success to share for others doing novel work like you do. This track especially welcomes first-time speakers who are working in corporates.

Business Agility : Morten Elvang

Fueled by fear – reality – disruption – a wish to survive – a need to adapt – an urge for a faster response – and ultimately a dream of out-performing competition – today – for most companies – business agility is higher and higher on the agenda. Join and tell your business agility story – why is it important – what is your dream – how is it going with your transformation? Painful learnings and impressive results are preferred over airy visions and unproven plans!

Technical Excellence : Maaret Pyhäjärvi

There’s very little agile software development without software development. Tech Excellence is about the ways we do technical agile, as in design, build, test and release software. Let’s build this track together to take our abilities to do the work of creating valuable and maintainable software to a next level.

Sustainable Performance : Ari Tanninen

How to live a good life, stay sane, maintain work-life balance, and avoid burnout and depression? How to build and run a sustainable team or an organisation? What factors enable sustainability, and what obstruct it? Sustainable performance is the ability of an individual, a team, or an organisation to continue running effectively, in good health, indefinitely. This track is open to a wide array of subjects around it, ranging from psychology to personal habits, and from personal stories to global trends.

Public Sector : Mirette Kangas

Public sector actors play an important role in the development of an agile culture in society and in the wellbeing of society as a whole. How does the agile transformation work of a public funded company or community reflect the values of your organisation? How do agile methods and practices apply to both management and expert work when you are in areas outside traditional agile? What have you learned from agile in public funded projects? How does strong value based approach affect decision making, leadership and agility? Come and share your agile stories!

Workshops : Ferrix Hovi

This year workshops gained their own dedicated day, the first one of the conference. Do you want to run a workshop which helps everyone become a change agent? The subject of the workshop does not have to follow the themes of any of the other tracks. However, we will prefer ones that nudge their participants into catalysing change.

The workshop slots will be 1, 2 and 4 hours. Even a full-day workshop may be considered.

To make the conference as value-creating and inclusive as possible to a wider audience we aim to select a diverse lineup when it comes to:

  • expertise, profession, role and point-of-view
  • location, culture, ethnicity and gender
  • inhouse/consultant/research/other
  • newbie/aspiring/seasoned/professional speaker

So just for clarity: we do put some weight on these attributes when we select the speakers. Of two equally good and inspiring talks and speakers we choose the one that better supports our value-creation and diversity goal.


For speakers we cover reasonable travel expenses (flights, taxis, trains, exl. visas), accommodation at the venue hotel and of course 2-day ticket to the conference itself. Oh, and there’s also the legendary Speakers’ Dinner!


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