Your name here? Throw us a proposal!

The call for proposal opens 1.9.2019 and is open until 31.10.2019

1. Track chairs go through the proposals and contact some of the proposers for more information
2. Each talk track chair chooses 4 talks and syncs with the other chairs and the content team to ensure a great and consistent programme
3. Talks and workshops are selected by 23.11.2019
4. Full programme goes live 30.11.2019

The tracks and track chairs this year are


Leadership & Culture : Maarit Laanti

Corporate Stories : Risto Reinikainen

Business Agility : Morten Elvang

Technical Excellence : Maaret Pyhäjärvi

Sustainable Performance : NN

Public Sector : NN

Workshops : Ferrix Hovi

To make the conference as value-creating and inclusive as possible to a wider audience we aim to select a diverse lineup when it comes to:
– expertise, profession, role and point-of-view
– location, culture, ethnicity and gender
– inhouse/consultant/research/other
– newbie/aspiring/seasoned/professional speaker

So just for clarity: we do put some weight on these attributes when we select the speakers. Of two equally good and inspiring talks and speakers we choose the one that better supports our value-creation and diversity goal.


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